THREE Ways This Pregnancy Is Different from the First

In case my 700+ blog followers don’t know yet, we’re PREGNANT! Before you read on, just know that I AM excited about it. The following post is just about my pregnancy this time around…and how it’s not as awesome as the first one.

Napping is Hard

When I was pregnant with Jacob and I was tired I simply got comfortable and drifted off into a nice little piece of heaven. This time around, I’m lucky if I can close my eyes for a few minutes without a matchbox car being driven over my forehead.

I Don’t Feel Like a Million Bucks

Just like my first pregnancy my skin looks great, my hair is thick and I have a nice glow. Sounds soooo terrible, right? Ha! Well during my first pregnancy I had time to pamper myself. So my nice skin could be moisturized, and I could put makeup on to accent my cheekbones and eyes. And I could style my hair into a fun messy bun, or large beachy waves.

Now I’m lucky to put chapstick on and my hair gets thrown into a ponytail. I’m too tired to try looking nice. And on the days that I want to put the effort in, my two year old decides he wants to put makeup on like mommy, and I have a bigger mess to clean.

My outfits are a joke. Track pants and sweaters are my go-to items. Fast and comfortable. In a nutshell it’s hard to feel like a million bucks these days.

I’m Not as Giddy as the First Time

Maybe it’s because I know what’s coming. Oh my, that sounds so foreboding! I don’t mean that I’m not looking forward to having a precious newborn arrive, I’m referring to the Dark Days that are the first 6 weeks post partum.

With my first pregnancy I had NO idea what to expect. I thought it would be like playing house. What a rude awakening I had. Being a first time mom was HARD! So I just feel a little overwhelmed about how much my new bundle of joy will need me, as well as how much my toddler will need me as this BIG change happens.

BUT!! This time around at least I know that it passes! I can remind myself that it’ll go by in a haze but that things WILL get better. And although it’ll feel like there is no end in sight, I will KNOW that there is because I’ve done it before and it MUST have been worth it if I’m doing it again.

How did you feel during your second pregnancy? Any tips on ways to lift myself up a bit?

NOW I Get It!


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There were a couple of things people would say to me over and over again during my pregnancy and after Jacob was born. At first, I took these phrases with a grain of salt and shrugged them off. But soon, I preferred to shovel a spoonful of salt into my mouth rather than hear yet another piece of advice.

Enjoy your sleep now!

I was so sleep deprived from discomfort. I had to accommodate this massive watermelon at my midriff, get up to pee three times, prop myself up to avoid acid reflux, and it was always so darn hot! My blood would boil when people would tell me to stock up on sleep.

And of course, just a few days after Jacob was born I understood what they all meant. Waking up because of my own discomfort seemed like a luxury compared to waking up to the shrieking cry of Jacob…who needed me, no matter how run down I was.

Enjoy these moments, they fly by.

I refer to the first month of being a new mother as “The Dark Days.” I was exhausted, terrified, lost and desperate. And Jacob pretty much cried the whole first month. Of course, when visitors would come by he was a sleeping angel. So as they held my sleeping son, they’d tell me how precious this first little while was. I’d nod and smile, but really I was wishing he was in college already. I was too tired to understand how today, right now, I would give anything for those tender moments with him as a newborn.

Now that he’s walking running he doesn’t want to cuddle. He is never still and quiet; content to be in my arms. I totally get it now. So when he does feel affectionate, I drop whatever I am doing and run to him.

What are some of the things people say to you that drive you bonkers?

What Happened to My Memory? What Happened to My Memory?

I began noticing that the memory I used to have (I used to be able to tell you what I wore on my first day of kindergarten) was fading around my second trimester. It didn’t hit me all at once, it slowly dwindled.

If my husband looked at me funny after I asked him a question, it was usually because I just asked him five minutes earlier. Grocery shopping was hilarious. I’d write a list and forget it at home. I’d return from the supermarket with maybe three out of the ten things on the list plus ice cream, chips and ketchup.

I had my son Jacob about 6 months ago, and I’m still waiting on my awesome memory to return. Apparently it takes a year or more for that to happen. In the mean time, I’m losing keys, putting my wallet in the fridge, forgetting a load of laundry in the washer over night and having to do it again… the list goes on.

Stretch marks I can handle. Spit up on my new top, no biggie. I can even tolerate being peed on once in a while. But not having the sharp memory I used to have is the pits. Hopefully it returns sooner rather than later. While I’m waiting, I’ll do that load of laundry I forgot about.

Any tips on gaining my sharp memory back? Foods I should eat? Vitamins I can take? Thanks folks!! 

Not Alone by Cristina Cole

It’s moments like now when your little hand or foot pokes me
That I’m reminded that I’m not alone
I’ve grown used to sitting awkwardly, sleeping with strategically-placed pillows
And not eating hotdogs because the heartburn is unbearable
Waking up frequently is now a part of my routine
And stopping to take a breath halfway up a flight of stairs is the usual
Shopping for groceries has changed too;
When I see a baby in a cart with a tired mommy pushing them along
My eyes instantly water
My heart feels like it’s melting
And then the familiar panic comes:
Will I be able to do this?
Will I be able to give you all that you need?
Will my body and mind be able to withstand the exhaustion?
Will I be a good mother?
But before my mind reaches a high peek of panic a shopper will ask me when I’m due
Men tell me I have “that glow”
Women chat about the discomforts they remember… but always end with: “It’s all worth it”
Elder women look at my swollen belly as though taking measurements
And tell me, with conviction, whether I’m having a boy or girl
Just a little longer until we meet you, and I’ll know for sure
But as my body stretches more and more to make space for you
The world outside you is also shifting
We’re preparing for your arrival and anxiously waiting
Our lives will revolve around you
When we eat, when we sleep, when we sit down to watch TV, or outside in the garden with the pets…
You’ll be with us
But for now, you’re still inside of me
Moving, poking and wiggling
Responding to my touch when I rub my belly
And shaking with me when daddy makes me laugh so hard
Although I complain lately about the discomfort, the heat, the aches and pains
I know I’ll miss this; these moments when you kick me to remind me that I’m not alone.

© Copyright – All rights reserved – Cristina Cole