Bumpkin Reusable Snacks Bags are My New BFF


I am currently obsessed with these Bumpkins Reusable Snack Bags! Waterproof, washable and absolutely adorable, they now replace my endless use of ziploc bags for carrying my kids’ snacks around in my bag.

They come in a bunch of cute designs including firetrucks, Dr. Seuss, dinosaurs and more. My kids love unzipping them and indulging in their snacks. And not only am I saving myself from a car full of little baggies, it’s way better for the environment too.

More info:

  • They’re labtested food safe 
  • Zipper closure
  • These ones measure 7″W x 3.5″H but there are other sizes!
  • BPA, PVC, Vinyl, Phthalate and Lead free
  • Machine washable & dishwasher-safe (top rack) 
  • Sold in single or multiple packs!

Bumpkins Reusable Snack Bags are the BEST for school snacks too. Tupperware can take up space so these are a great alternative. I highly recommend these adorable snack bags for daily use or even back-to-school gifting!

Lost & Found


It’s only been a month into nice weather and we’ve lost two hats. When I place a baseball cap on Jacob’s head, he feels inclined to take it off and examine it. When he’s done, I’m guessing he tosses it over the stroller as we’re walking. How I don’t trip over it or see it fly out of the stroller, I have no idea.

It’s a mystery to me. I imagine the hat, laying lonely near a bush somewhere, wondering why it’s suddenly alone. Half way through the walk I realize Jacob’s hatless and smiling. He’s won the battle of the baseball cap again!

I bought him a new hat. This time, it has little straps that clasp under his chin. He looks like a little explorer. He also has a hard time getting this one off, for now at least. Recently I also got him a pair of sandals. On a trip to the mall I noticed one missing. Great! After twenty minutes of retracing our steps we found it neatly placed on a bench. Someone knew we’d be missing it, and put it in plain view. Thank you, Good Samaritan.

I wonder how many more things we’ll lose on our little adventures. How many of Jacob’s things will be lonely in a lost-in-found box in the future?

One more thing. When Jacob was a few months old, we went on a family outing. We packed his diaper bag with all the goods. But when we arrived home from our journey the diaper bag was nowhere to be found. Till this day, we have no idea what happened to it. Andrew thinks he must have temporarily put it on the hood of the car while we were packing Jacob and the stroller away. Then we drove away…

I’m guessing we’ll have many more stories like these in the future. What have you lost in the battle of packing and unpacking your children and ALL the items that go with ‘em?

Life’s Good


I’ve been looking over my posts from the beginning. Most of them were written during what I refer to as “the dark days” of the first couple of months.

Nine months later, I can actually look back at them and smile. Relief floods over me as I thank God it got better. I remember thinking it never would. I felt like the sleepless nights and evenings of non-stop crying would last forever. Wow, how times have changed.

Today life’s full of giggles and play, strolls and messy meals, stories and songs, and lots of hugs and cuddles. What I’m trying to say is: it gets SO SO SO much better and fun. Once you have a routine set and get to know your little one’s needs, life becomes a little simpler.

The “dark days” seem like they weren’t so dark. And believe it or not, I’m already pining for another little baby. I want my family to grow even more. I’m forgetting how exhausting the first couple of months were, and instead, remember how easily Jacob fit into the crook of my arm and how he nestled his little head into my neck. At nine months, he’s already squirming out of my arms. Since he’s started crawling, he wants to break free from mummy’s grip and explore his world.

Every day I wonder what type of boy he’ll become. What kind of man he’ll grow into. I love watching him watch things. We have some potted plants on a wall shelf in the kitchen, and while he sits in his highchair as I feed him, he gazes at these plants with wonder. I forget sometimes that he’s seeing most things for the very first time. He’s so curious about everything. I’ve let him feel the leaves with his little fingers. At first he’s cautious and gentle, and then, he yanks a leaf off with fierceness so he can bring it where? To his mouth of course!

He’s becoming more aware of Pepper our cat and Chester our dog. They used to carefully sniff him when they could, and now that he’s crawling, they’re darting out of his way because they know he’ll be after their wagging tails. Right now, Jacob likes Pepper more. I think it’s because Pepper’s more his size whereas Chester towers over him. It melts my heart how close their all becoming. Jacob looks at them as toys right now, but as he gets older, he’ll love them like we do. The pets already love Jacob. I can see it when Pepper meows as he walks over to Jacob, purrs, and rubs his head over Jacob’s feet. And Chester will clumsily saunter over to Jacob on the exersaucer and stick his wet nose into Jacob’s neck, taking in the baby scent that’s already beginning to fade.

I love our little family. I’m glad the “dark days” are over, and I can finally say: it was all completely worth and I’ll do it all over again.