What Happened to My Memory? What Happened to My Memory?

I began noticing that the memory I used to have (I used to be able to tell you what I wore on my first day of kindergarten) was fading around my second trimester. It didn’t hit me all at once, it slowly dwindled.

If my husband looked at me funny after I asked him a question, it was usually because I just asked him five minutes earlier. Grocery shopping was hilarious. I’d write a list and forget it at home. I’d return from the supermarket with maybe three out of the ten things on the list plus ice cream, chips and ketchup.

I had my son Jacob about 6 months ago, and I’m still waiting on my awesome memory to return. Apparently it takes a year or more for that to happen. In the mean time, I’m losing keys, putting my wallet in the fridge, forgetting a load of laundry in the washer over night and having to do it again… the list goes on.

Stretch marks I can handle. Spit up on my new top, no biggie. I can even tolerate being peed on once in a while. But not having the sharp memory I used to have is the pits. Hopefully it returns sooner rather than later. While I’m waiting, I’ll do that load of laundry I forgot about.

Any tips on gaining my sharp memory back? Foods I should eat? Vitamins I can take? Thanks folks!!