A Warm Day in January

It’s like extra sauce on your pasta
More icing on your cake
Something unexpected
It must be a mistake

A warm day in January?
There’s so much we can do!
You venture on the porch
Just to make sure it’s true

And there it is
A mild breeze
It tickles your face
Puts you at ease

The chores can wait!
You need to be outside
So you pack up your angel
And begin the stride

Pushing the stroller
You take in the air
There’s laundry to be done
But you don’t care

Jacob takes a deep breath
Enjoying the fresh afternoon
He seems to like the outdoors
Summer can’t come too soon

But until the days get warmer
We’ll take this slice of cake
A warm day in January
Is a special little break

© Copyright – All rights reserved – Cristina Cole