Jacob’s Big Day

jacob suit

Last Sunday Jacob was baptized. It was such a great day! Saturday Andrew and I teamed up to get the house prepped for guests. The whole time I was stressing out about Jacob’s nap Sunday morning. I wondered if he’d nap well to last through the service at the church, or if he’d sense things were going on and wouldn’t nap at all, or if he napped too well and we’d have to wake him before worship and risk him being in a bad mood.

It was pretty exhausting. Andrew always knows what to say though: “Cris, are you actually losing sleep over sleep?” It was so logical. I was. I was worrying about Jacob’s sleep way too much. I just accepted that I had no control over some things and would just have to go with the flow. I also reminded myself that at KesPres, no one makes you feel bad if your child is a little fussy. Instead, they’ll do what they can to offer help or entertain your little one. I had nothing to worry about.

As it turns out, Jacob had a great night’s rest – as did I – and he napped in the morning. Our time at worship with him couldn’t have been more perfect. He looked adorable in his little white suit and was perfectly happy to go with Allyson as she wet his head and baptized him…

jacob baptized

Jacob is officially a KesPres member. I am so happy that I found this church. A church that embraces children and caters to they’re little curious minds. I’m so happy that he has such a wonderful church family to help his mommy guide him in his faith. I’m so excited for what’s to come.

PB&J: Potluck, Bonfire and Jesus

church bonfire

Photo Credit: Allyson MacLeod

Our church, KesPres organized a great event for us last night. We all brought our families and a potluck item to share, and enjoyed dinner together. Afterwards, we gathered around a bonfire to share stories of where we see God in our everyday lives. We sang songs while Kirk played his guitar and the children roasted marshmallows too. It was such a great evening. Here’s a snapshot of it in a poem I wrote when I got home:

Jacob sits in his stroller
Watching the children giggle and run around
I gaze around the room and feel rich
Different conversations happening
The clanking of cutlery on plates
A burst of laughter at one end of the room
The intoxicating smell of different dishes
All prepared with love to share with each other
All the mothers are taking care of their children
As well as everyone else’s – just like a big family

With full bellies and satisfied taste buds
We all sit around a fire
Sharing stories of how we see
God working in our lives
Where his blessings show up
Every day, in simple ways
I watch Jacob watching the fire, mesmerized
I get a little choked up, realizing
This is the first time he’s seeing fire
A fire that God has provided for him
And ensured Jacob’s first glance
Would be in the company of his
Large, loving Christian family

The guitar is strummed
And Kirk’s voice carries over the breeze
Coaxing us all to follow and sing with him
For God, to God – giving praise for his blessings
Warmth washes over all of us
From the fire, from the fading sun on our backs
And from the love being shared in this large circle of our family

Allyson silently takes pictures of the moments we share
Capturing little miracles in her lens
Of families gathering together
Sharing joy in each other’s company
Of children roasting marshmallows
Their goopy fingers holding a stick
Roasting their second marshmallow on the flame
Getting excited as the outer layer begins to brown

The evening is winding down
I can feel the strings of my heart being pulled
I’m already longing for another night like this
And know
That God is working
To make more happen

© Copyright – All rights reserved – Cristina Cole

Some Say I’m Ignorant for Believing in God


I’ve been given a sharper sight. Life has become simplistic. Stresses have shrunk away, becoming dust bunnies under the fridge. Since handing over my worries to God, and asking him to take the lead, I feel more peaceful.

Some people will say this is neglectful, ignorant, crazy… Giving up control is like letting someone else steer my car while I’m still in the driver’s seat with my foot on the gas. It’s a valid argument for someone who’s scared of not having any control. That used to be me. I’d obsessively worry about what would happen next, preparing myself for change and obstacles. I always had a plan B, C, D… It was exhausting.

I’ve been told by some people that I’ve been changing. That I’m less “nervous”, not quick to defend my thoughts like before, more peaceful, more at ease with life and its curve balls. I am. All these things are true.

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking of the people I know who’ve told me that they think the idea of God is a joke. I can hear them questioning me. What made you believe in him? Did you hit your head? Were your brainwashed? Why are you buying into this stuff? I can hear them pushing me to defend my choices and beliefs.

Who am I hurting by believing in God? Am I offending non-believers? Because it seems that way when I tell them that I love God, and I love being his servant. What’s so bad about wanting to be good? What’s so bad about believing that I’m loved, that I was born for a reason, that I have a purpose, that after this life, something amazing is waiting for me?

Someone once said to me “Well, what if when you die there’s nothing? What if you spent your whole life believing and then it’s all a lie?” Instead of answering with “I’m 100% certain that heaven exists and there is a place for me in it.” I said the logical thing: “If there is no heaven, and there’s only blackness then what difference will it make? I won’t know any better because I’m dead. It’s like being asleep. Do you miss being awake when you’re asleep? And if there is nothing after this (which I believe in my heart isn’t true), I don’t believe I’ve wasted my life being a servant. I will have spent my life gaining joy from having faith, doing what I can to help others in life, and sharing this joy with my Christian family. Is that so bad?”

Maybe. Maybe for non-believers this seems ludicrous. Maybe they think I’ve lost my mind. That’s okay with me. I don’t feel the need to defend my choices. I won’t cut you out of my life either if you challenge me. I’ll do what makes you even more upset, I’ll pray for you 😉

Photo Credithttp://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/Death_g408-Door_In_The_Sky_p31092.html