Wait a Second…What? Some Nursery Rhymes are Questionable

I was reading Jacob some nursery rhymes from this book:

nursey rhyme book

Seems cute right? It’s filled with staples like the Incy Wincy Spider and Little Bo-Peep. And it even has some favourites like The Cat and the Fiddle.

Now, I remember singing some of these rhymes as a child and never questioning the words. For example, Rock-a-Bye Baby: “When the bough breaks the cradle will fall, and down will come baby, cradle and all.” Hmmmm. I have since changed the words to: “And Mom will catch baby, cradle and all.” Maybe I’ll resort back to the original story on future camping trips when I want to scare the kids.

Then I came across some even more weird ones. Like The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe. Again, I remember hearing this story numerous times as a kid, but today, this is my reaction to it:

In case you haven’t read the original nursery rhyme, let me refresh your memory. Here is how it is written in this particular book:

There was an old woman
Who lived in a shoe
She had so many children
She didn’t know what to do.
She gave them some broth
Without any bread;
She whipped them all soundly
And put them to bed.

How heart-warming right? Perfect story for the kid who resists bedtime. Obviously a lot of old children’s literature was written to help teach kids about manners and behaving. I get that. But it still shocks me as I read it out loud to Jacob. My voice starts off very animated and perky, but by the time I’m reading “without any bread” I’m slowing down, my voice becomes more hushed, and I find myself not wanting to finish because I can sense what’s coming…the whipping!

Then there’s Ladybird, Ladybird; about a ladybug:

Ladybird, ladybird,
Fly away home,
Your house is on fire and
Your children are gone,
All except one
And that’s little Ann,
For she crept under
The frying pan.

What? What? WHAT? I have no words. Just this other face:


The Annoying Habit that Drives My Husband Crazy

side table
Photo Credit: Thehouseofsmiths.com


My husband will tell you that he thinks I’m the best wife and mother, that he adores me. But if you ask him about my talent at leaving books, journals, notepads, pens and pencils around, his head might explode. It’s the one thing I know drives him absolutely insane. I’ve tried working on it, but I can’t stop.

As a writer, I often get bitten by the creative bug. I’m filled with absolute panic when I can’t find a pen to jot my idea down and get it out of my head and onto paper before it turns to dust. So naturally I make sure they’re available even at the expense of my husband’s sanity.

Our home is pretty organized and tidy even with an eleven month old crawling around (I’m not superwoman, I just have a great husband who helps me keep on top of what can turn into crazy clutter). But scattered on side tables, the kitchen table, the dining room table, the countertop, the fireplace mantel, and any other object with a flat surface are a few books, pens, notepads and journals.

I’m currently in the middle of reading six books. I love reading. But I also like different genres including autobiographies, thrillers, Christian literature, and psychology. Throughout my day when I have fifteen minutes to myself I like to read, but my mood also changes throughout the day so I like having a few options.

I also have a few different journals. I write my day to day stuff in one, prayers to God in another, and quotes from books I’m reading in yet another one. I like having them accessible for when I read something inspiring, need to vent, have a prayer request or want to offer thanksgiving. So we have the problem with journals and books explained.

I tell Andrew that “I’ll try working on this annoying habit” but I don’t see how I can. I mean, I could create a drawer where I store all my go-to books, but the pens and pencils? I need to have them near me. I’m struck with ideas for blog posts, poems, and my journals all day long…in every place of the house…yes, even the bathroom…where I have a pencil.

What should I do? Sew together a fanny pack pencil case and wear it like a belt all day long? I love my husband, but this is one annoying habit I think he just might have to live with.