My Fave Jodi Picoult Books

These days I don’t get much time to read. So when I sit down with a book I want something that’ll keep my eyes so intensely glued to the pages that even Jason Momoa walking through my living room wouldn’t shift my gaze.

The books that consistently give me all the roller-coaster drama and hit-you-in-the-gut feels are written by Jodi Picoult. She has never failed me. I will list some of my faves below with links (affiliate) to where you can order them if you like 🙂 Here we go!

Plain Truth:

A quiet Amish community is shaken to its core one morning when a dead newborn baby is found. As police investigate, they realize the baby wasn’t stillborn, but died shortly after its birth. When the police begin looking for someone who may have recently given birth, they find Katie, a young teen. When asked if she has anything she wants to tell someone, here are the chilling words written by Picoult, that set you turning the pages fast:

“I didn’t have a baby,”Katie answered, looking directly at the detective. “I didn’t.”But Lizzie (detective) was staring at the porch floor. There was a small maroon smudge on the painted white planks. And a slow trickle of blood, running down Katie’s bare leg. 

Perfect Match:

This gut-wrenching novel is about a smart, strong woman who is a prosecutor in the most difficult of cases, mostly having to do with young children telling a courtroom about their nightmares of molestation or rape. Nina knows all too well how the system can be flawed when it comes to putting pedophiles behind bars – and keeping them there for a long time. And she also knows what a nightmare it is for families who’s children have been violated. So when she finds out that her own young boy was just molested, her mind swirls. How can she help her son when she knows the battles ahead…

The minute I stand up, I’ve jumped off the cliff. The world goes by in a haze of color and light, my weight accelerates, head– over– heels. Then I think, Falling is the first step in learning how to fly. In two steps, I am across the aisle of the courtroom. In a breath, I hold the gun up to the priest’s head. I pull the trigger four times. The bailiff grabs my arm but I won’t let go of the weapon. I can’t, until I know that I’ve done it. There is blood spreading, and screams, and then I’m falling again, forward, past the bar, where I am supposed to be.

“Did I get him? Is he dead?”

Nineteen Minutes:

This one is a hard one. It’s not for everyone. But I have always pushed myself to ask really hard questions and try to answer them after weighing both logic and morality. This book really does that.

It’s about a boy who is relentlessly bullied for years, and then one day does the unthinkable – something that our world has become far too used to hearing about. He enters his school and begins shooting. I told you, it’s a difficult one. But Jodi Picoult never writes a novel that isn’t hard. Each one dives into a controversial subject that’s often painful and thought provoking.

Below is the a video synopsis of Nineteen Minutes put together by author Jodi Picoult herself:

Please share what some of your favourite page-turners are with me!

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Pass the Swerve Please

Whether you’re swearing off sugar, trying the Keto diet, or going low-carb, Swerve sugar replacement is such a game changer.

I am NOT a fan of the nasty after taste some sweeteners have. Swerve doesn’t have it, and it equals sugar measurements teaspoon for teaspoon so there’s no guessing when following recipes. Sometimes a simple change or swapping of ingredients goes a long way.

If you start your day off with a cup a Joe, you don’t wanna mess with your mix, right? Switch to Swerve – zero calories, zero guilt, and your coffee doesn’t have to change. Here is the science behind it:

  • Zero-calorie sweetness is achieved by the combination of erythritol & oligosaccharides
  • Erythritol naturally occurs in many fruits & vegetables through fermentation
  • Oligosaccharides are sweet, non-digestible carbohydrates sourced from select fruits & starchy root vegetables
  • Oligosaccharides are prebiotic fibers, so they’re not only tasty, but they help stimulate beneficial bacteria in your gut
  • Swerve does not affect blood glucose so there’s no spike in insulin!

If you’re not about “dieting” but into making better choices, then Swerve is the ultimate sugar replacement. There’s nothing worse than trying to make your go-to yummy recipe of muffins and using a sweetener that’s overpowering, ruining your favourite treat.

I switched to Swerve a few months ago and love it. What are some of your healthy swaps? 

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My Fave Essential Oil Diffuser

It wasn’t until I had children – when germs spread like wildfire or certain smells can knock you on your butt – that I became an advocate for the use of essential oils in the home.

Not only do they make your house smell amazing, but the health benefits are awesome too. For example, Purify, my go-to oil, not only makes your house smell like you just cleaned it (lemon and eucalyptus being the main oils in the blend) it also cleans the air you and your family breath.

The Viva Naturals Ultrasonic Diffuser line is my favourite! I love the natural grain wood designs that come in a variety of stains like natural, black or grey. My diffuser looks beautiful in any room on any surface. Here are some more perks:

  • Vaporizes oils, without using heat, into a cool mist maintaining their natural potency 
  • Cleans the air, eliminating toxins, mold, germs, & leaves your home smelling clean 
  • 4 mist modes release a gentle stream of calming oils into your home
  • Changing colours include moonlight white, firefly green, aquamarine teal, galaxy purple, sunset red, mellow yellow & mystic blue

If you love using different oils in different rooms for different reasons, then this is also an awesome option because it’s very affordable when compared to many other diffusers!

Use lavendar in the bedroom for its calming benefits, purify in high-traffic areas to keep things fresh and germs at bay, and maybe peppermint in the office to keep your mind alert!

What are your favourite oils to use?

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The BEST Bath Toy

My boys are dirt magnets. They roll in mud, sit in puddles, draw maps on their bodies with sharpies. So they have a lot of baths. Typically at bath time I lay all the towels that we own on the bathroom floor. Why? Because this:

“Boys, please keep the water in the tub today, okay?”

“Okay mom!”

They can’t help themselves. They just love fun. My friend Jill told me about these “bath pipes” that keep her kids occupied till the waters gone cold. So I thought I’d give them a shot.

Boon Water Bath Toys are credited for keeping my floors dry. The boys are so busy pouring water down the pipes or arranging them in cool positions on the wall that water literally never leaves the tub. They stay in there so long that I can actually enjoy a whole coffee, WARM, while watching them have fun with these things.

I highly recommend these toys make it into your bath time routine! What are some helpful toys you recommend?

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Messy Bun Baseball Caps Are Here, Ladies

Guess what I’ll be wearing all summer? I have contemplated cutting a hole at the top of my regular baseball cap to get this look. But now I can put the scissors away… well maybe after I turn some old jeans into shorts first.

Anyway, back to the the C.C. Ponycap – seriously, it even has my initials! How cute is this? Keep the rays off your face, the hair off your neck and look hot in the process.

Here’s more info:

  • 100% breathable cotton
  • Adjustable hook & loop fastener so one size fits most
  • Even suitable for man buns 😉

Most C.C. Ponycaps are under $20 and come in so many colours – so grab a few for your wardrobe or gifting!

Bumpkin Reusable Snacks Bags are My New BFF


I am currently obsessed with these Bumpkins Reusable Snack Bags! Waterproof, washable and absolutely adorable, they now replace my endless use of ziploc bags for carrying my kids’ snacks around in my bag.

They come in a bunch of cute designs including firetrucks, Dr. Seuss, dinosaurs and more. My kids love unzipping them and indulging in their snacks. And not only am I saving myself from a car full of little baggies, it’s way better for the environment too.

More info:

  • They’re labtested food safe 
  • Zipper closure
  • These ones measure 7″W x 3.5″H but there are other sizes!
  • BPA, PVC, Vinyl, Phthalate and Lead free
  • Machine washable & dishwasher-safe (top rack) 
  • Sold in single or multiple packs!

Bumpkins Reusable Snack Bags are the BEST for school snacks too. Tupperware can take up space so these are a great alternative. I highly recommend these adorable snack bags for daily use or even back-to-school gifting!

I Love You, Gro-Clock

I swear my 3 & 5 year old boys were farmers in their past lives. Every morning the little boogers were up before the sun. I loved their enthusiasm for the day, I just wished they could be enthused a little more quietly.

I began to understand though, that they just had no concept of time. They were awake and wanted to party. I tried explaining to them that they were up way to early, but they just didin’t get it… until I bought their Gro-Clocks.

It’s like something clicked when we set their clocks up – which is ridiculously easy by the way! The visual of seeing a blue star at night and a yellow sun in the morning really helped their cute little brains grasp the concept of what a decent wake-up time is.

I was able to set the time when “the sun would come up” letting them know it was cool for them to get up and party. Until that sun came up though, they were to remain in their rooms and play quietly.

Instead of the typical twelve numbers around the clock, there are twelve stars. As each hour passes at night, a star disappears. So eventually my boys understood that if they woke up and there were a bunch of stars, it was still the middle of the night and they had to go back to bed. This helped my younger boy, Joshua with his frequent night wake ups – little dude just didn’t know it was still the middle of the night.

The Gro-Clock really helped them understand the concept of time. I swear by these things! If your toddlers get up a lot at night or are early risers GET THIS CLOCK!!! It has seriously made a difference for us.

I got both of ours at Amazon. They’re cheaper here than other places I have looked and they shipped in no time at all – and shipping’s free after $25 – score! Get your Gro-Clock Sleep Trainers today. Sweet dreams, Mammas!

What are some of your favourite products that actually helped make life easier? Please share them with me!!