Happy Birthday to My Big Brother


You’d think that with nine and a half years between us, and opposite genders, we wouldn’t be as close as we are. Rewind 28 years ago and watch a mini movie of Fred pushing me on the swing at the park, sharing his last piece of Double Bubble Gum from our Midi Mart visit, playing WWF with me and letting me win all the time, and gently putting a Band-Aid on my scraped knee.

In many ways, Fred was like a Dad. While our father was busy watering the tomato garden, working, or watching soccer games, Fred entertained me – he made sure I had some fun and fresh air every day. What 14 year old boy today would make their 4 year old sister such a big priority (without their parent’s bribing them)?

Today on his birthday, I hope Fred feels loved and appreciated for all he does. I hope he knows how much I love him and thank him for bringing so much brightness to my childhood.

Happy Birthday, Big Brother. I love you.

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