A is for Avocado

ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weiss

Avocado was the first solid food I introduced to Jacob. He ate it like he stole it. Today, he lunges for it when it’s in front of him. It makes me so happy that he loves such a GOOD vegetable. I give it credit for his amazing memory skills and vocabulary. I know I’m bias, but his little brain blows me away. He just turned two, and he’s putting sentences together already. And when he sees letters or colours anywhere, he hollers them out…and is usually bang on. I stare at him and wonder when the heck he learned all these things.

But then I remember the avocado. It REALLY is brain food. And he eats a ton of it. Mind you, I’ve also been reading to him since he was three months old. Not because I’m trying to raise a baby Einstein, but because I myself enjoy reading and it’s a great activity for the two of us to share.

I’m a proud momma for many reasons. But two reasons the mentions are

  1. When there’s candy and cereal, juice and chocolate around, Jacob will ask for the lone avocado on the counter
  2. When we’re sitting on the living room floor surrounded by toys and blocks, he walks over to his bookshelf and chooses one of many Thomas the Tank Engine books to read with me.

Thanks, Avocado

I owe you one.


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