Jacob Turns ONE Today!

Jacob tuxedo

In 365 days I’ve learned so much, felt so much, worked so hard, lost a lot of sleep, cried a lot of tears, and laughed more than I ever have.

In a year life has flashed by me like a series of clicks from a camera:

  • A screaming, wrinkled, pink newborn baby
  • A yawning Jacob, rubbing his eyes
  • A little giggle & jolting of limbs
  • Arms reaching for me for the first time
  • Hearing Jacob say “Mama” for the first time
  • Watching him crawl after the pets
  • Laughing as he tosses clothes I’ve just folded all over the room
  • Moments of panic as he loses his balance, reaches for the cat’s dish of food & learns to cough when food gets stuck as he swallows
  • Many quiet nights rocking my baby boy in my arms

Everyone told me it would go by fast, and it has. My precious Jacob turns one today!

It feels like it was just yesterday that we brought him home for the first time. I can still hear the doctor exclaim “It’s a boy!” as clear as day. I can still recall the joy I felt when I realized I had a son:  a perfect, healthy beautiful son and how I hoped that he’d become the same kind of man as his father is. I still remember all the flashes of dreams, hopes and good intentions that filled my heart in an instant.

I can still remember the first month he was home and how Andrew and I referred to that time as “The Dark Days”. But I don’t remember them as vividly anymore. I don’t have the same feelings of panic, fear, and exhaustion as I did then. Because those days lead to right now; to a year later when life is fun, happy and FULL.

Jacob, my little gift from God, turns one year old today. I know his next birthday will come just as fast, so we’re going to make every day, every hour and every minute count. I never knew I could love someone with such intensity. It’s wonderful.

Happy Birthday Jacob! We love you so much.

One thought on “Jacob Turns ONE Today!

  1. Cristina,
    This was truly touching; what a poignant recollection. It is amazing how fast the time goes, isn’t it? Every moment does count. Enjoy!!!

    Be refreshed,

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