Adele & Serena

Photo Credit: Megan Richards
Photo Credit: Megan Richards

I watched these two little angels come into the world. I stood by their mommy as she breathed through each contraction. Maybe it’s because I watched their little lives begin the second they entered the world that I feel such a strong connection to them.

They’re two little angles. Adele, my older niece is so sweet and gentle. She’s smart and competitive too. I used to love watching her put puzzles together when she was a toddler. She used to ask me to watch the clock and time her. She was always trying to beat her own time.

Serena my younger niece is as wild as those little curls on her head. She’s also kind and sweet, but she’s got a tougher side to her. If she’s ever told “no” when it comes to something she asks for, she demands a full explanation that she then analyzes to see if it’s a fit excuse for not getting what she wants.

I’ve watched them grow from these tiny little humans into tiny little ladies. They pull at my heart strings every time I see them. It fills me with joy to hear them exclaim “Zia!” when I walk through the door.

I can’t help but wonder what kind of women they’ll become; who they’ll be when they grow up. And if they’ll still think I’m the coolest aunt on the planet. I hope so.

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