Jacob’s Big Day

jacob suit

Last Sunday Jacob was baptized. It was such a great day! Saturday Andrew and I teamed up to get the house prepped for guests. The whole time I was stressing out about Jacob’s nap Sunday morning. I wondered if he’d nap well to last through the service at the church, or if he’d sense things were going on and wouldn’t nap at all, or if he napped too well and we’d have to wake him before worship and risk him being in a bad mood.

It was pretty exhausting. Andrew always knows what to say though: “Cris, are you actually losing sleep over sleep?” It was so logical. I was. I was worrying about Jacob’s sleep way too much. I just accepted that I had no control over some things and would just have to go with the flow. I also reminded myself that at KesPres, no one makes you feel bad if your child is a little fussy. Instead, they’ll do what they can to offer help or entertain your little one. I had nothing to worry about.

As it turns out, Jacob had a great night’s rest – as did I – and he napped in the morning. Our time at worship with him couldn’t have been more perfect. He looked adorable in his little white suit and was perfectly happy to go with Allyson as she wet his head and baptized him…

jacob baptized

Jacob is officially a KesPres member. I am so happy that I found this church. A church that embraces children and caters to they’re little curious minds. I’m so happy that he has such a wonderful church family to help his mommy guide him in his faith. I’m so excited for what’s to come.

4 thoughts on “Jacob’s Big Day

  1. He was so cute—-especially during worship time—–and very good!!!! You did not have to worry!!!

  2. That’s important and wonderful Christina. Glad it was a wonderful day congratulations.

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