Woken Up By the Fire Alarm at 1am

fire alarm

Last night, at 1am the fire alarm started going off. We just replaced all of them this year. They’re all wired to each other and apparently top-of-the-line alarms. When Jacob was born, we didn’t want to take any chances so installed them.

Back to last night. So the alarm is going off. A VERY loud beep with a woman’s voice saying “Fire! Fire!” I was groggy and confused, Andrew jumped out of bed and ran into the hall way, Jacob began stirring on the monitor because he was startled.

There was no fire. There was no smell of smoke. We Andrew checked the entire house. When he checked the alarm to see if maybe the batteries were low, it said they were charged and working. But then he saw a light alerting carbon monoxide. He asked me if I was feeling sick or nauseous. Well of course once he asked that I suddenly had a headache! I looked at Jacob in my arms, happy to be awake and ready for a middle-of-the-night party. He also seemed fine.

We didn’t want to take any chances so Andrew called the fire department. There was no answer, and the line actually went dead. We felt a little silly calling 911 because we had a nagging feeling that maybe there was an electrical problem with the alarms. But we also didn’t want to take any chances. As Andrew said: “I don’t want to risk all of us going back to sleep and not waking up for the sake of being a bit embarrassed.”

So we called 911. Andrew mentioned that it wasn’t a life threatening emergency, that our fire alarms were indicating carbon monoxide, but we all felt fine. They sent a team of firemen over to have a reading done on our house right away.

Three big men entered the house, and now our dog Chester was happy about the middle-of-the-night party that was happening. I was holding Jacob and trying to cover my mouth as I yawed for the fortieth time in five minutes.

As it turned out, everything was fine just like we thought. But as the firemen stated: “It’s way better to be safe than sorry.” This is their job – false alarms or not. We all settled back to sleep at about 2am. And woke up just fine.

Do your alarms go wonky on you sometimes? 

One thought on “Woken Up By the Fire Alarm at 1am

  1. Yes—–always be safe rather than sorry!!!! A little embarressment has never killed anyone as far as I know—-but CO poisoning has!!!!

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