5 Things that Don’t Gross Me Out Since Becoming a Mom


  1. Boogers – If I ever saw a booger hanging out of an unknowing nose, I’d start dry heaving on the spot. Since Jacob’s been born, boogers no longer bother me. Instead, I’m amazed at how many types there are and the size that can come out of a baby’s nose.
  2. Poop – Andrew’s always been in charge of cleaning the backyard after a long winter of Chester, our dog, going to the bathroom out there. The sight and smell would send me running inside like a bee was chasing me. Obviously this is something I had to overcome since having a baby. But for some reason it wasn’t hard. It came naturally – it’s like my senses are immune to some of the bombs Jacob takes. Sorry for the graphics, I know most mommy followers won’t even flinch when reading this though 😉
  3. Gunk in the sink drain – This has been something that’s grossed me out a long time. Seeing bits of food in the sink drain. I’d be scared to pick it up and empty its contents into the compost. Now I do it without even thinking about it.
  4. Spiders – Before Jacob, if I saw a spider I’d be frozen. I’d be scared to take my eyes off it in case it crawled away when I wasn’t looking and then I’d have no idea where it was. I’d holler for Andrew…who knew by the sound of my voice that it was spider-killing time and would show up with a paper towel to do the job. Today, if Jacob’s around and a spider is nearby I get protective rather than scared. I don’t use a paper towel though, that’s way too close for me. First I try drowning it in Raid, then if it’s still alive I’ll try smashing it with the hard-bristled broom, and if it’s STILL twitching its little legs, I suck it up with the vacuum.
  5. Vomit – This one’s up there with the poop. When you have a baby, there’s a lot of vomit involved so it’s something I’ve just gotten used to. Thankfully, spit up is what’s groomed me for vomit. It’s like vomit’s baby sister – smaller, less annoying and easier to clean.

2 thoughts on “5 Things that Don’t Gross Me Out Since Becoming a Mom

  1. Haha! Yeah, the No. 2 (nicely numbered, by the way) is surprisingly easy to get used to…although when they get to a certain age and it’s time to move on from diapers and they stubbornly refuse to………it gets old pretty quick!

  2. Yep, poop and vomit don’t scare me a bit! But, when it comes to spiders, I still freeze up. I don’t know what is about those eight legged creatures that scare me so much? You’d think a diaper full of poop would be a lot worse.

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