Lost & Found


It’s only been a month into nice weather and we’ve lost two hats. When I place a baseball cap on Jacob’s head, he feels inclined to take it off and examine it. When he’s done, I’m guessing he tosses it over the stroller as we’re walking. How I don’t trip over it or see it fly out of the stroller, I have no idea.

It’s a mystery to me. I imagine the hat, laying lonely near a bush somewhere, wondering why it’s suddenly alone. Half way through the walk I realize Jacob’s hatless and smiling. He’s won the battle of the baseball cap again!

I bought him a new hat. This time, it has little straps that clasp under his chin. He looks like a little explorer. He also has a hard time getting this one off, for now at least. Recently I also got him a pair of sandals. On a trip to the mall I noticed one missing. Great! After twenty minutes of retracing our steps we found it neatly placed on a bench. Someone knew we’d be missing it, and put it in plain view. Thank you, Good Samaritan.

I wonder how many more things we’ll lose on our little adventures. How many of Jacob’s things will be lonely in a lost-in-found box in the future?

One more thing. When Jacob was a few months old, we went on a family outing. We packed his diaper bag with all the goods. But when we arrived home from our journey the diaper bag was nowhere to be found. Till this day, we have no idea what happened to it. Andrew thinks he must have temporarily put it on the hood of the car while we were packing Jacob and the stroller away. Then we drove away…

I’m guessing we’ll have many more stories like these in the future. What have you lost in the battle of packing and unpacking your children and ALL the items that go with ‘em?

One thought on “Lost & Found

  1. Oh you have no idea. I can’t even count all the single shoes we have from when Bella was small and now GM. Just be glad he’s not a girl. Then you would have I add missing earrings to the mix:/

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