Note to Self: Don’t Attempt Waxing Eyebrows During Jacob’s Nap Time

note to self

After putting Jacob down for a nap, I thought I had a solid hour for sure. Remember the saying: to assume is to make an “ass” out of “u” and “me?” Well that’s what I did. My eyebrow suffered the consequences.

I laid out all the tiny wax strips, had my tweezers out and eyebrow comb in hand. Gave my brows a sweeping over and began attacking the unwanted hair. When I was almost done Jacob woke up. He usually gets up calmly and sings to himself until I go get him. This time he was screaming bloody murder. Uh oh. What do I do?

I should have just left the strip where it was and ran to his room. It’s not like he’d say: “What the heck is that mom? Why are you in here with a wax strip on your eyebrow?” What would he care?

Nope! I felt like I needed to rush through this last one. So I tore it off with force…and then I almost screamed bloody murder myself when I noticed the chunk of hair missing half way through my eyebrow. Blerg!

Oh well. It’s nothing a little eyebrow pencil can’t fix. But I’ve learned my lesson. Either wax my eyebrows after Jacob goes to bed and Andrew’s home to attend to him if he wakes up, or leave the darn strip on until further notice!


2 thoughts on “Note to Self: Don’t Attempt Waxing Eyebrows During Jacob’s Nap Time

  1. I don’t mean to laugh at your pain and misfortune, but I found this post very funny. We have all been there! Nap time is such a tease when it comes to getting stuff done!

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