Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day


I’m not a history buff with the knowledge of statistics and detailed descriptions about the Holocaust. I’m just a regular person with the same capability most of us have: compassion. I feel sad when I think about what millions of people suffered under one psychopath.

But what sticks in my mind the most, are the children hiding from the monsters with guns that were after them. Whether they hid in closets, outhouses filled with feces or in barns under some hay, the terror they must have experienced is unimaginable.

I think of my own son, safe in his crib crying for me when he’s only awaken from a nap and wants the comfort of his mother. These children may have known at the young age of four, five, six, seven…that they’re parents were already gone and couldn’t protect them. Some may have even witnessed their parents be brutally, recklessly and carelessly murdered.

It’s unthinkable. I can’t imagine the sheer fear they felt. I want to reach out and hug all of them. Cradle them into my chest and shield them from the brutality that surrounded them. Offer them comfort, be a substitute mother as theirs are either dead or in a concentration camp.

All the poor mothers. The mothers whose children were ripped from their arms. I can imagine the blank stare on their faces as they wonder what the fate of their baby has been. The desperate questions in their minds: are they still hiding, waiting for me to tell them it’s safe to come out? Where are they? Are they crying for me?

This is what goes through my mind when I think of the Holocaust; all the suffering, terror and brutality that these people endured. I think about the bitter hate I have for Hitler, a coward at his core. And I pray that survivors were able to find some kind of peace in their lives after what they experienced.

Take a minute to remember the victims of the Holocaust today.

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