The Opposite of a Love Poem

Here’s the opposite of a love poem for those not celebrating Valentine’s Day. It’s something I wrote when I was in the “bad relationship” I discussed in Roads.

rocking chair

Life Will Be Different

The moon is full
The crickets sing
The wind flirts with the trees
I rock in this chair
And wallow in despair
With thoughts of you and me

You slumber inside
Your snore is loud
Your breath of booze is sharp
I think if the hate
For your drunken state
And want to rip you apart

You’re selfish and cunning
Manipulative and mean
The greatest liar I know
And over time I see
That you’re not right for me
And my resentment continues to grow

When I decide to leave
You will promise me things
And shed tears of disbelief
But I will be strong
And only move on
To the life that waits for me

And the next time I watch the moon
Hear the crickets sing
And listen to the wind dance in trees
I’ll sway in this chair
Feel the breeze in my hair
And enjoy the life I live for me

© Copyright – All rights reserved – Cristina Cole

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3 thoughts on “The Opposite of a Love Poem

  1. Sounds like a woman, after her Alanon meeting. Sadly enough, I saw much of this resentment. Mostly when they told me to run. Run away from this newly sober monster. Things don’t get better in early recovery.
    I begrudgingly took these strangers’ advice. Lots of hard work to get over a strong love…out of “the blue”.

    1. I actually stuck it out through the drugs and drinking…and recovery. But I could never fully trust him again and the resentment never subsided. I just couldn’t forgive him. So I left. 🙂 Happiest day of my life…before meeting and marrying Andrew, of course!

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