I Wish Pasta was Good for Me


I’d eat it all the time. Even for breakfast.

We’re being hit by a major snow storm today. It’s the kind of storm that makes you stay indoors; venturing out only if it’s a MUST. Naturally, I want to warm up my bones, but not with a cup of tea, with a huge plate of lasagna with layers of cheese, meat. cheese, and more cheese.

Garlic bread on the side would be nice too. With melted cheese on top of course! I could make one right now. But the problem with that is my lasagna can feed about 8 people. So my husband and I, who have no will power when it comes to my lasagna, will eat the whole thing by the end of today. We’ll have a plate for dinner. But throughout the evening we’ll periodically grab a fork and take mouthfuls right out of the dish it’s baked in. This happens until it’s done.

If only eating lasagna was like having a big bowl of fruit. Chock full of nutrients that feed my immune system, rather than full of carbs that make my butt bigger. If only a plate of pasta a day would keep the doctor away, instead of that boring apple.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/exlibris/

5 thoughts on “I Wish Pasta was Good for Me

  1. Sounds great! I was going to also make a lasagna, but never made it to the grocery store and now the freezing rain, ice, and snow has accumulated on the roads. So I think we’ll order pizza tonight–and have it delivered. Not the healthiest thing, but I wasn’t going to take my 10-month-old out in this weather to go grocery shopping. Anyway, enjoy! My husband is a carb (especially pasta) nut, so I can totally relate 🙂 Love your posts.

    1. Haha this is so funny! After writing this post we got hit by a huge snow storm so I couldn’t go to the store for mozzarella. Hence, we’re ALSO ordering pizza! Yay for Friday night deliciousness. ENJOY 😉

  2. Lasagna sounds wonderful!! I devour pizza the way you described how you do with pasta. I could eat a whole pizza myself. Give me a couple hours. 😉 I hope you don’t lose power and that the storm passes quickly. 🙂

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