Black Umbrellas

black umbrellas

Within a cluster of roses
A buzzing bee imposes
On sweet pollen juice
Until it cuts loose
In fear of shadowing noses

A swift sniff of sweet delight
And then the nose takes flight
For droplets fall
And black clouds crawl
Above the vast sky once bright

Like synchronized swimmers
Rows of black shimmer
As umbrellas open quickly
And the rain falls thickly
Leaving the whole town to simmer

As though the thick rain
Were fire droplets of pain
All run in panic
And acting manic
People scream as if being slain

The storm has surpassed
With such heavy mass
But nature is now silent
Though moments before defiant
And black umbrellas lay dead in the grass

© Copyright – All rights reserved – Cristina Cole

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7 thoughts on “Black Umbrellas

  1. This “inner critic”, you speak of….I know him well. I know he is a man, because he is a total douchebag.
    I feel guilty when I rest, as well. I’m a single, full time working momma….and I still feel that way. You’re normal. 🙂
    Sounds like you and your hubs plan on breaking this ass hole down, though. It sure is nice to have a brave man by your side, yes?

    1. Thank you! Glad to know I am normal. My inner critic is a man too!
      And it’s wonderful to have my hubby stand by me, even when the evil critic possesses me and I lash out on him :/ He’s so understanding.

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