Sometimes I Miss the Corporate World

Ever have those moments when you wish you were back at work? I’m currently on maternity leave and sometimes I’d kill to put on a nice suit, grab a coffee and be back in the working world for a day.

It’s not that I want to be away from Jacob, far from it. It’s just that I miss getting up, showering, styling my hair, putting make up on, and getting dressed in clothes that aren’t track pants and a robe with hardened spit up on it.

I also miss the lunch break. That hour that I have to myself to leave the building, grab some lunch and read a book or the paper. What else do I miss? Talking to co-workers. It would be nice to have an adult conversation without using my Elmo voice.

As quick as this wish floats into my head though, it disappears. I love being home with my little monkey. And on the days I wish I had styled hair, makeup and a nice outfit on – well, I’ll style my hair, put some makeup on and pull on my favorite jeans. Then Jacob and I will go out together for a little while – even if it’s to the mall.

Even though Jacob can’t talk yet, he compliments me on my hair. He’ll see my tresses framing my face and squeal with glee as he reaches his hands out to feel them. He’ll examine my face for a few seconds with bright, curious eyes and smile at me. Is this mom? It looks like her, but a little less tired and a little more alive. It is her! Hi mommy!! Come closer I want to touch your hair.

When maternity leave ends in July, it’ll be bittersweet. I’ll miss being home with my monkey all day. Thankfully however, I’ll only be working part time so I won’t be away from him long. And on the bright side, I’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Miss the Corporate World

  1. Awwww. How sweet. Your lil man sounds like the perfect coffee date. Who else squeals with glee when you make a mommy face?
    Perfect memories, you’re creating….for yourself, of course. Nonetheless, still utterly important.

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