Time Goes By

I was looking through photos of your first day with us

It was just six months ago that you were born

But it only feels like a few weeks have gone by

Where has the time gone?

You’re already giggling and holding yourself up

I remember when you were so much more fragile

I’d hold you like precious china

Your little head fit into the palm of my hand

Your little body would cradle perfectly into one arm

Now you’re much bigger, much more aware

You’re looking at toys and reaching for them

You’re looking at my face and want to touch it

Your smile is so bright first thing in the morning

Your limbs jolt with excitement when you see me

You’re full of energy to start the day

Soon you’ll be reaching many more milestones

And I’ll take pictures of every one

In six more months I’ll look at them and wonder

Where has the time gone?

© Copyright – All rights reserved – Cristina Cole

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