Don’t Tell Me My Newborn’s Smiles Are from ‘Wind’

During Jacob’s first month, he’d randomly smile. When I’d be holding him and he’d do this it would send me to cloud nine – my little angel is smiling at his mommy!

Then my fantasy bubble would be abruptly popped when someone would say “Awww, he must be passing wind.”

That’s probably true. But you know what? I was enjoying this moment with my son before you told me he’s not smiling because he loves his mommy, he just farted.

So many people would tell me this when he smiled. Why is there a constant need to share this with the new mother who’s falling in love with her baby?

How would you feel if you were falling in love with someone, but your friends would say things like:

  • He held the door open for you because he was brought up to be polite
  • He said you smell so good because you wore Obsession and not Fantasy by Britney Spears
  • He told you he loves you already? He must be a stalker or have a creepy side

While some of these statements might be true, it doesn’t mean she wants to hear them. And it’s not like it’s vital information that needs to be known – the person won’t make a bad or wrong decision if this information wasn’t provided to them. So it leads me to think that some people are just bursting their bubble.

Same goes for the new mom being told her baby is farting. God forbid she thinks her baby is just smiling at her – that would be unacceptable. Since I experienced this myself with SO many people I vowed to never do that to the new mom.

If I see a woman holding her newborn and they smile at her, all I’ll be saying is “Awwwww, how cute!” And stop there. Whether her baby is really passing wind or not doesn’t matter, she’s melting when her baby smiles up at her. So if you’re feeling the need to be a Professor of Farts for some reason, bite your tongue and let her enjoy it!

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