Silent Night by Cristina Cole

At night, when all but me are asleep
The hum of the home comforts me
Sipping hot water with lemon
Curled up under a blanket
This is my time to rest and recollect

The day’s events run through my mind
They seem so far away now
Baby crying, bottle warming, bib fastening
Diaper changing, dish washing, disinfecting
All done without thinking, like breathing, blinking

But now, when the world sleeps
I can focus on every sound that breaks the silence
The child’s soft breath on the monitor
The cat grooming himself
The dog softly snoring
The crickets outside

I can watch the steam rise from my Scotland mug
Close my eyes and breathe in the lemon scent
Swallow the warm water and feel it coat my stomach
Sit back and feel my bones warm up

I savor every moment, for tomorrow it all begins again
And when it gets overwhelming
I’ll count the hours to my silent night
My time to rest and recollect

© Copyright – All rights reserved – Cristina Cole

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