Family Portrait by Cristina Cole

On a cold autumn night she goes for a walk
Her breath can be seen in the air
Her nose and cheeks are rosy; she looks so healthy
Instead of looking at the ground or in front of her
She gazes into homes as she walks by them
Every one with a family inside it
She wonders what their lives are like

A little boy is jumping on the couch
An older couple watches television while sitting on separate couches
The blue light makes them look like still corpses
A little further down a family is sitting at the dinner table
The parents looking down at their plates as they eat
The little boy impatiently bouncing in his chair as he chews
An older girl taking a drink

As she catches a glimpse through different curtains
She realizes how many different lives are lived
Each family with their own habits, traditions, routines…and problems
What she sees is a glimpse of a happy family
But really, she has no idea what it’s like to be part of that home
For some reason, the thought makes her sad and lonely

She thinks of her home, waiting for her to step inside
The smells are familiar to her
She knows every creak the floors make
And can time the fridge’s grumbling sounds to the minute
Her home is filled with people and pets she loves so much
As she thinks of them, she doesn’t notice that her steps quicken
Her stroll has turned into a speed walk as she longs to be home

© Copyright – All rights reserved – Cristina Cole

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